How to Not Use Shampoo and Soap and Not Stink

How to Not Use Shampoo and Soap and Not Stink

Some soaps and deodorants are rough on our body. Eating, Exercising and Sleeping cleans your body out better than most people realize. However, our bodies aren't necessarily made to clean out some of the crazy things we eat.

Things You'll Need:

your body


Antibacterial hand soap is way too strong on your hands. Ever notices that your hands are dry after washing your hands or dishes?

Your body naturally fights bacteria, but that defense system is weak because it is never used, kind of like if you never used your muscles.


Going natural can be challenging at first, but it's not a bad idea if you really want to do it.

What you put on your skin is absorbed into your body. I once heard that if you wouldn't eat it, then don't rub it on your skin. This is true in the general sense.
For example, antiperspirants contain aluminum and is easily absorbed in the pores of your sweating armpits. Aluminum is a neurotoxin. Neuro=brain, toxin=toxic. You figure the rest out. It's not that great for you.


Instead of using all the items on sale with colorful words on them, try using some sort of scrubber or brush across your body during your shower. This will stimulate your skin and naturally make it brighter and more 'alive' as it will knock off a lot the dead skin that otherwise accumulates on your lamp shades, night stands and floors.


Wash water over your face and under arm at mid-day. If you have oily skin and/or smell bad, wash a couple times a day.

If you cannot do without soaps, there are some soft soaps that aren't too bad for you: Dove, Lever 2000.


Reducing your stress and eating healthy can also be good ways to keep away from over-production of oil.

For oily hair:
You can be like the Romans and wash you hair with eggs.
Or make some tea (a little more watery than you would drink it) and wash that through your hair to remove oil.
Beer also works to dry out your hair.
You can also try a little lemon juice in water. By the way, citrus juices basically clean anything.