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Morton to DL It's not a matter of the playing surface anymore Surprisingly good. i love the bit with the giant soccer ball I was expecting a Cracked-eque sarky article. are seeking for fun there!! great place!! Good. she starts barking. The pilot, which is well-paced and breezy, has to set up Pierce and McCrae's relationship as well as introduce the question of whether this "god" is insane or not. which I guess would be convenient if it were in a living room far away from his computer. Nadal is not just a brilliant defender: his serving and hitting are magnificent. It looks like he doesn't believe he will ever tie or beat Sampras' record. 8 9| 7u|

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too much to ask I guess.. wow.. He has become a top-quality player who has the desire to put every single shot away. I forget there is even a game on. This isn't so much a victory for Nadal as a disappointment for those who saw Federer's former potential. Definitely dugg for "No way! Note that in addition to the shock-collar. We're just going through the motions at this point. This is just ***** stupid. Number of times I have tried = 0. It's not a matter of the playing surface anymore I saw this in my local paper actually. 4r| 1| 3e|

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It is torture. Wow, not a single comment that finds this as ridiculous as I do? Except..I don't have a PS3 or a HDTV o_O full video previews (not in these vids though). This rivalry of sorts they have is full of bliss. what an idiot. I forget there is even a game on. by whom is the music As expected from world rank no1. Great job Nadal! .. how the fuck did that happen so sad how girls are so desperate for attention. good vedio love the song 3434 54546 234