How to Identify an Authentic Louis Vuitton Multicolore

How to Identify an Authentic Louis Vuitton Multicolore

In 2003, Louis Vuitton introduced a new line of handbags called the "Louis Vuitton Multicolore" as part of his Spring collection. Since its debut the bag has become one of Vuitton's most popular items. Because of its popularity and high-end pricing, only a small percentage of the Multicolores on the market are authentic. If you've decided to purchase a Louis Vuitton Multicolore


but are concerned about authenticity, you're not alone. Fortunately, there are some specific ways to tell the difference between a fake Multicolore and a genuine Louis Vuitton.


Check the
code on the bag. The Multicolore went into production in 2003. If you're looking at a Multicolore monogram bag with a date code earlier than 2003, it's a fake.


Count the colors. An authentic Multicolore uses 33 different colors. As of 2007, the black market only supports 20 different colors. If you are looking at a bag with less than 33 different colors, it's a fake.


Look closely at the colors. Are any of the "LV" monogram symbols red? Photos of prototypes may include red monogram symbols, but no genuine Multicolore manufactured for sale
the monogram symbol in red.


Examine the bag for a barcode. You should not find one anywhere on the handbag. If you do, the bag isn't a real Louis Vuitton.


Locate the bag's care booklet. Every Multicolore bag is sold with the booklet to help the owner properly clean and handle their purchase.


Examine the seams and outside edges of the purse. Louis Vuitton never cuts into the "LV" monogram on a Multicolore handbag. Regardless of where the individual symbols appear on the purse, they should each be complete.


Look for a yellow authenticity card. These cards are popular with the counterfeiters, but Louis Vuitton has never included a yellow authenticity card with any of his products.


Look at the handle of your purse. Louis Vuitton never covers the handle with tissue paper or plastic.


Check the leather on the handbag. It should be a pinkish color when new and turn into a light brown when aged. It should never be yellow or dark brown. Any leather trim must have yellow stitching.


Search for a tag or canvas swatch attached to the bag. Louis Vuitton has never attached tags or canvas swatches to any item.

Tips & Warnings

Don't assume that the handbag is authentic because it costs a lot. Even a trusted, established consignment seller can get taken now and then. Always inspect the bag yourself.

Sometimes sellers on eBay don't offer photographs that allow you to examine an item thoroughly. If you're interested in an item but aren't satisfied with the proffered photo(s), ask to be shown additional photos. A seller with an authentic product won't mind.