Feng Shui Tips for Money & Luck

Feng Shui Tips for Money & Luck

Feng shui, the Chinese art of adjusting the energy in your environment, offers many methods to increase prosperity and luck. By observing basic feng shui principles and placing objects in the correct positions in your home or office, you may be able to generate the abundance and prosperity you are looking for.

Clean Your Space

One basic principle of feng shui is that energy cannot flow into a space that is cluttered or dirty. So get rid of unused objects or store them out of sight; empty the trash, and sweep the floor. Pay special attention to creating a clear pathway from your front door to the far left corner of your home or office.

Add Lighting

The light fixture outside your front door must be clean and in working order. Be sure there are no dark, cluttered corners in your space; add a lamp or candle to such spaces, and try to create clean, unbroken surfaces. Hang a mirror or crystal in awkward corners that are difficult to clear.

Find Your Prosperity Corner

Stand in your front doorway as if entering the house. Which room is farthest back and on your left? That room is where prosperity energy is focused. To rejuvenate your finances, consider repainting and reflooring that room. Scrub the windows inside and out, wash and rehang curtains or blinds, and dust light fixtures.

Create a Prosperity Area

Set up a small table or hang a shelf in the far left corner of the prosperity room (as determined from the entrance to that room) and also in the far left corner of your living room. Add healthy live plants and objects that symbolize wealth, including coins, crystals, photos of desired objects, golden bowls or red paper envelopes filled with currency. Add a creative item you made. Certain objects have special prosperity symbolism in feng shui, including statues of smiling Buddhas, three-legged toads and golden fish. Figurines are available at Chinese gift shops.

Clean Your Stove

The hearth is a Chinese symbol of prosperity; your modern equivalent is your cooking stove. Keep it clean of grease and food debris; clean your oven thoroughly and scrub burners with steel wool. A bowl of fruit placed on the stove or near it will help attract prosperity to your home.

Add Water Elements

Place a fountain or fish tank in your home, but be sure to arrange it so the water is flowing toward the center of your house. Nine yellow or orange fish symbolize money; nine gold coins dropped into the water will do the same.

Close the Bathroom

Bathrooms are potentially negative in feng shui terms, because of their symbolic ability to drain or flush away prosperity. Keep bathroom doors closed at all times. If your bathroom happens to be in the prosperity area of your house, decorate it with wealth figurines, crystals and mirror tiles.